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Arajeez core purpose is to contribute to our Country and its people through bringing the best from the industries we operate in.


Arajeez always tries to be recognized as a diversified adviser, leading market player, innovative partner and reliable employer.

Values A-R-A-J-E-E-Z




Joyous Environment

Effective Communication


Zeal in Any Condition

Arajeez is a flexible and innovative Iraqi company providing products and services related to oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries.

We are registered and headquartered in the city of Basrah, in the heart of the Southern oil fields and where Sindbad the Sailor came from.

Our dynamic team consists of local personnel from Iraq and international staff. All employees are determined to promote development of the country we work in and for. Our skills, knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best possible interface you may need here.

Everyone in business shall be eager to achieve, many can knock the door to show off, less may enter to approach, dozens are able to negotiate, but few can yield the result sought after. Few – that is exactly where we are proud to be from.

We are a flexible and innovative Iraq company, specializing in providing products and services to the Petrochemical industry.

Our core management consists of dynamic personnel from Iraq, all determined to promote development in their home country. We also retain the services of several specialist expatriate personnel who bring International systems, processes and expertise to our business.

Why We Are Different ?

Due to the tough business conditions in Iraq there are many companies that can best be described as ‘General Traders’, trying their hand at everything and occasionally even getting it right. This not our approach, as we believe that specialist industries require unique solutions.

We believe that we are offering something special in Iraq. Arajeez Company has combined the Iraqi flexible approach to an unpredictable business environment with Expatriate knowledge of Multi National business models. This combined expertise allows us to understand our Cosmopolitan clientele and to anticipate their requirements, ensuring services that are in line with best practices in the OPG Industry, all delivered in one of the World’s most challenging working environments.

This model allows us to interface efficiently at all levels and also to play to our strengths:

 Knowledge of local markets, peoples, customs, traditions and bureaucracy.

 Experience in trading in a complex environment

 Expertise in Global practises and systems

 Communicate efficiently with all stakeholders in this business culture

Our specialty is providing our clients with a comprehensive solution for all of their support requirements in the Middle East. This allows our clientele to devote maximal resources to their operations, thereby promoting optimal profitability.

Arajeez is a holding Iraqi Group, and is active to support Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Catering, Infrastructure and General Trading Industries.

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