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Lifting Inspection

Lifting Inspection Certification Gears tensile Equipment Iraq Basra,
Lifting operation safety is all depend on the safety of the lifting equipment and also depends of the safety of lifting gears and finally depends on proper usage of both safely, Failure to comply with above three elements will lead to series injuries or even fetal.
Therefore international laws and standards place a big number of obligation in terms of using, Monitoring , and inspecting lifting gears and lifting equipment in order to have safe lifting operations

Arajeez Engineering Company is a member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association) with qualified scope to (Inspect lifting Gears & Offshore Containers).
This Include Gears like (Shackles, Hooks, Eye Bolts, Plate Clamps, Lifting Beams,  Textile slings like Lifting belts both round and flat). In addition, Inspection for offshore containers includes the examination and test for (Container Structure, Material and Construction, Lifting Attachment and Pad Eyes). We also offering a wide range of training with regards to lifting (i.e. Lifting & Slinging-Accredited by LEEA) and other HSE Topics. Please refer to the training page for more details.
We have access to all type of standards related to safe lifting operation and all judgments can be traceable to multiple standards in order to satisfy our selves and continually increasing our knowledge, our library have all ISO standards, British standards, LEEA code of practice, NSL handbooks  for usage, assessment, monitoring, inspection, maintaining, through examination lifting equipment and gears.

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