Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Business philosophy

Arajeez as a company and all its employees maintain highest standards of professional conduct by actively upholding this code at all times. Thinking about the business ethics pervades our professional activities in Iraq. From time to time employees may be requested to confirm personal compliance with the Code. We are proud to declare that we (in alphabetical order):

Accurately represent all areas and disciplines of our competence and expertise.

Act in the best interests of our customers, while respecting corporate policies and legitimate interests of those involved in business and complying with statutory and legal requirements.

Actively seek to promote our professional development and keep ourselves informed of current developments in our disciplines in order to ensure that our clients receive competent professional services.

Be alert to ethical dilemmas and potential conflicts of interest and seek guidance when they arise in order to resolve them in full compliance with the fundamental principles.

Be aware of other cultures and value systems and show appropriate sensitivity to and respect for them.

Commit to respect, protect and preserve confidentiality of commercial information of our customers.

Communicate with our clients in clear manner and clarify all related questions, issues and matters that are raised.

Emphasize cost-conscious aspects of business.

Encourage all employees to raise concerns or questions and make appropriate suggestions concerning business practice of our company.

Focus on customer’s satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their expectations for the results of our work.

Honor contractual obligations and assigned responsibilities.

Not discriminate on the basis of ethnic or national origins, gender, religion, disability or age.

Promote and reward employees on their actual merit and achievement.

Recognize the boundaries of our qualifications and competence, making appropriate referrals when situations fall outside them.

Recognize the power of influence that comes with our role as responsible adviser and ensure that it is always used appropriately.

Respect local customs and culture and keep developing long term relations in communities we work with;

Share professional knowledge and skills and contribute to the professional development of colleagues