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Arajeez Company LLC

Materials Procurement

1- Oilfield

In the past two years ARAJEEZ been supplying materials and products related to the oil & Gas industry in Iraq to the respected clients within this industry, Our personal have the experience to support your project in a professional techniques in both technical and commercial ways

High Quality and On-time delivery is what we consider our key of success

Our Package includes but not limited to:


Air Conditioning Parts

BOP Spares

BOP Control Parts

Brake Parts Blocks, Screws, Nuts, Plugs Controls and Spares

Chokes and Parts

Clutches and Spares

Compressor Spares

Centrifugal Pumps and Spares

Draw Work Spares

Electrical Motors, Receptacles, Plugs, Ballasts, Junction Boxes, Fluorescent Fixtures

Engine and Transmission Parts

Filtration Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Oil Filters, Water Treatment Filters

Fittings Hose, Pipe, and Grease

Hydraulic Valves, Pumps

Handling Tools Elevators, Tongs, Links

Instrumentation Baffle Plates, Diaphragm Gauge Protectors & Cups, Drilling Recorders, Check Valves, SPM, RPM and Pressure Gauges, Load Cells, Instrument Fluid, Metal and Plastic Hand Pumps, Mud Pressure Systems, Recording Charts, Pens, Tension Cells

Lifting Slings, Wire Rope, Pulleys, Pad Eyes

Lubrication Grease, Grease Guns (Air and Manual)

Mud Pump Parts

Rubber Goods

Balancing Straps


Pipe Wipers

Tong Pull Backs

Wireline Rollers


Butterfly Valves and Spares

Gate Valves and Spares

Air & Pneumatic Actuators Plug Valves and Spares

Reset Relief Valves and Spares

Miscellaneous Chain Tongs and Spares Mud Testing Equipment Shale Shaker Screens and Parts Screws and Fasteners Tools Tong Dies Ring Gaskets Galley Equipment and Spares Subs and Nuts (1502 and 2202) Unions Truck Parts

Pipeline Products & Equipment

We at ARAJEEZ are proud to propose the following systems and Equipment in the following operations:

Hydrostatic Testing


Filling pumps,

Pressure test pumps,

Pressure balances,

Pressure recorders,

Temperature recorders,

Pressure gages,

Flow meters,

Thermometers with probe


Instrumentation, Control and Measurement

holiday detectors,

Pipe and electrical cable locators,

Flow meters,

Pressure gages,


Thermometers with probe,





Edge-beveling machines,

Welding Machines

Sand Blast

Hand-operated or hydraulic external clamp,

Hand-operated or hydraulic internal clamp,

Oxy-gas cutting torches,

Hydraulic flange spreaders,

Grapplers, Roli-cradles,

Shop tools.

Pipeline accessories

Bidirectional and unidirectional cleaning pigs,

Bidirectional and unidirectional cups,

casing blinds,

Gas bags,

Modular seals,





Cleaning and Separation

Foam pigs

Cleaning pigs, cups for pigs


Gas bags

Pig detectors

Shop tools


Adsorption and dry air driers



Pressure gages


Non Destructive Testing

Pipeline Crawlers X-ray or Gamma-ray.

X-ray generators.

Gamma-ray projectors and accessories.

Radiation safety material.

Radiographic films and chemicals.

Mobile or semi stationary darkrooms.

Processing machines and darkroom equipment.

Ultrasonic Testing, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle equipment


Composite Wrapping

A unique system, pre-impregnated, bi-directional composite used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion on pipelines or structures.

Typical Applications:

Pipeline Integrity

Transmission and distribution pipelines

Oil and gas risers

Girth welds on vessels and pipelines

Elbows, tees, and flanges

Process piping: chemicals, oil, gases, water, and steam

Atmospheric corrosion




Contact Info:

Mobile: 00964 7800 999 220 - 00964 7713 171 131
Address: Said Amin Street, Al Baradyiah,  Basra, Iraq