pipeline construction services iraq basra

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Pipeline Construction Services

 pipeline construction services iraq basra

At ARAJEEZ, we offer a unique set of pipeline services in the oil & gas industry. We can provide pipeline construction, through project procurement, all types of utility crossings (River, High way, etc.), Sand Blasting, Coating, Cathodic Protection and hydro testing. pipeline construction services iraq basra.

We are experienced in the construction of 2 in. to 28 in. pipelines utilizing mechanized or manual welding methods

In line with this Total Quality Commitment the company has in-house Quality Assurance Systems to monitor and control all aspects of our work including materials, welding standards, pipework assembly, testing and commissioning.

Our Area of Expertise:

Oil & Gas Onshore Pipeline

Trunk lines, Gathering lines, Flow lines

Water Pipelines

Pumping Stations

Valve Stations

Crossings (road, river, utilities)

pipeline construction services iraq basra




Camp Construction

As an experienced operator, Arajeez offers a professional and efficient answer to your camp requirements. We will provide a cost effective design, supply and build program in accordance with your unique or specific requirements. We will then furnish the camp with the appropriate equipment that is required.

We offer a complete operation that includes the following but is not limited to:

• Design optimization • Sourcing and procurement • Transport and logistical support • Camp construction and erection • Electrical reticulation including petrol or diesel generators • Water reticulation • Sewerage and water treatment – Plants and reticulation

• Waste control and incineration plants • Perimeter fencing • Internal roads and walkways • Satellite based communications systems • Fuel storage • Supply of kitchen, laundry and catering equipment • Supply of all soft furnishings

As well as various designs and configurations of camp design, depending on clients project parameters, including: • Hard shell containerized units • Fully insulated modular units • Soft shell tented structures • Construction of structures utilizing local materials and labours

Contact Info:

Mobile: 00964 7800 999 220 - 00964 7713 171 131
Email: info@arajeez.com
Address: Said Amin Street, Al Baradyiah,  Basra, Iraq