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There’s a Better Way to Test Safety Valves

In-line testing of safety valves is a growing trend. It presents a cost-effective maintenance alternative for plant operators and a growth opportunity for valve service companies. In-line testing, executed using the AccuTEST System, was developed to test safety valves while in position, keeping them right where they operate day in, day out. Our efficient, simple, high-tech process translates to immediate results and benefits for your business and the business you service. Call it a win-win solution.

In-line Testing Benefits

PSV Online Calibration

  • Reduces downtime. No need to place the plant off-line for a week and remove the valves, or sending them to an outside testing facility.
  • Reduces loss of revenue by preventing the risk of safety valve damage during transportation for testing.

Reduce Risk of Error, Increase Test Accuracy

Keep it simple

Using AccuTEST, we significantly reduce opportunities for human error so you can increase the accuracy of your testing. Our high level of accuracy is achieved through our calibration process – automatically detect, fault check, and zero the sensors before operation.

Accuracy of AccuTEST

  • Identifies problems quickly
  • Set pressure measurement
    within 0.5%
  • Calculates set pressure with
    0.5% accuracy

Fully Automated Advanced Software Systems

Keep it simple

What does fully automated mean to you? Try superior performance and superior results. AccuTEST Systems utilize the most advanced software in the industry, making everything about your valve testing process easier – setup, operations, results, and reports.
The sophisticated software permanently stores test files on your computer allowing a more complete data management system. Access those files immediately. Print at your convenience.
We handle the advanced part, you enjoy the simplified results.


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