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Breathing Air Supply and Testing


Arajeez Engineering Company proud to provide the most quality Air using the most reliable equipment from the world leader manufacture in the industry of Breathing Air Supplier (BAUER Compressors)

Arajeez is providing A-Z Service to insure that the Air you Breath out of your device is of top quality and meet international Standards ANSI/CGA G-7.1

We at Arajeez Providing:


1- Hydrostatic Testing for the Self Contained Cylinder up to 2000 Bar

2- Visual and Pressure Testing for the accessories of the Breathing Devices

3- Calibration of the Breathing Air device gauge and safety Valves

4- Filling the cylinders with purified Air (using the Securus System and CO Monitor to ensure safe Air) up to 414 Bar.

5- Preform Air Quality Test

6- Issuing Certificate for (Hydrostatic Test, Calibration, Filling, Air Quality Testing)

7- Supply of SCBA

Ask your Self before you enter confined space:


1- Does your SCBA have the required Testing ??

2- Does Your SCBA have enough working pressure to support the time inside???

3- is it filled with Air Suitable for human respiratory ????

4- Do you trust the device been stored correctly when not in use??


We Can ensure that you enter that space with confident after asking yourself these questions

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Mobile: 00964 7800 999 220 - 00964 7713 171 131
Address: Said Amin Street, Al Baradyiah,  Basra, Iraq