Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq

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Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq

Thermo Graphic Inspection

Arajeez engineering company offers infrared thermal imaging services that will help identify any surface temperature variance which may lie below the wall, floor other places that are usually out of reach, dangerous to approach or out of sight.

Thermal imaging is the quickest inspection to identify energy loss, missing insulation, inefficient HVAC systems.

Thermal imaging allows immediate of Air leaks in property which is invisible to naked eye.

Heat is an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction infrared predictive maintenance regularly checks the temperature of equipment, allowing tracking of operating conditions over time and quickly identify unusual readings for further inspection.

Thermographic imaging inspection Iraq Basra
Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq
Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq
Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq

With infrared thermal imaging inspection allow you to:

  1. Accurately pin point problems which can lead to equipment damage.
  2. Prevent expensive failure thus reduce maintenance cost.
  3. Reduce non-productive downtime.
  4. Avoid shutdown and loss of revenues.



Thermographic Imaging Inspection Basra Iraq

Applications for Thermographic Imaging Inspection:

1.       Power line maintenance.

2.       HVAC system efficiency.

3.       Air and liquid leaks.

4.       Tank levels detection.

5.       Steam trap.

6.       Damaged insulation.

7.       Internal equipment damage.

8.       Internal fuse damage.

9.       Overhead motors.

10.   In correctly secured connection.

11.   Insulator defect.

12.   Internal circuit breaker fall.

13.   Motor load.

14.   Bearing heat.

15.   Suspect rollers.

16.   Over loaded pumps.

17.   Overheated motor axles.

18.   Misalignments.

19.   Pipe blockage.

20.   Flare detection

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